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All unworn and unaltered items may be exchanged within 14 days for store credit. Store credit is valid for 6 months from original date of purchase. No returns or exchanges on sale or limited edition items. Please ask any sizing questions prior to purchase.

Web orders can be exchanged within 14 days from date of reciept.  A charge of $4.95 for shipping and handling will be sent to you via Paypal.  Once that is paid your exchange will be sent out.  Any web orders that are cancelled prior to shipping will incur a 15% restocking fee of total invoice.

Nearly all of our designers are independent and care a great deal about quality control, as do we. Every once in while something may slip through the cracks; a button here, a stitch there. We will, of course repair or replace any damages, defects, or creative run-amucks free of charge. If merchandise is defective it may be exchanged and Shipping and Handling fees will be waived. Before sending back, please call 801-486-1188 (Tues-Sat 11-7 MST) or email TempestCouture@gmail.com for a Return Authorization number and instructions.

Care instructions should be included on your garment tag, and most of our designers recommend that you wear their fancies daily, wear them hard, wash them often and watch them change with you! While we appreciate this practical and care free perspective, let us remind you that unless you have a job testing sandpaper with your knees and elbows, while on fire, there is NOTHING more destructive to clothing than a washing machine. We personally recommend washing only as needed. What is "as needed"? It's when spot cleaning, hanging up in the closet for awhile, steaming, freezing, fabreezing or invoking the spirit of a friendly Refresher Demon wont do the trick. Hand washing is preferred, but if using a machine, always use the coldest, most gentle cycle with minimum mild soap. Use a "dark" detergent for your black garments. Most items should never go in the dryer (unless you want a more worn look and some shrinkage). Here is what Tempest co-owner Patrick has to say about laundering: "I have been buying higher-end casual wear for many years. I love the look, the creativity and most of all the fit and feel of quality clothing. One of the first things I learned, however, is that high quality fabrics, and cuts that are meant to fit 'just so', tend to be highly susceptible to being altered when washed. I get smelly-human pits, so I have to wash my tops. I use a front loader on a cold 'ultra delicate' setting. If the pits don't stink, it gets hung up. Quality fabrics air out pretty well. I never use the dryer unless it is on an 'ultra low heat' setting. Even then, I'll just leave it in until slightly damp and then let it hang dry the rest of the way. I never wash pants, ever. Unless it's been a couple years and I am ready to see how they fade and wear, which can often look really good. I have friends who wash the b'jesus out of their clothes. We can own the same pieces and they will look totally different from one another. Sometimes the washed look inspires me, and I'll go home and throw one of my staple pieces in the machine. If you wash your clothes, it will change them, and every wash shortens the life of that garment."

No! Only a fraction of what we have to offer is represented online. Everything in store is shipping ready, however. We have a full time administrative staff of exactly one, and she is also our only full time in-store employee (we love you Melissa!). We will try to upload new photos everyday, please be patient and send us only your love! We can always text or email/FB photos of any items you may be interested in. Patrick would help Melissa with the website but, we're talking about someone who just recently stopped trying to put gasoline in the computer when it was running slow and who was quoted as saying, "I think any household who has internet service should consider getting a computer." ...Yeah.